CCTV Security Surveillance

A large portion of a physical security resolution continues to be the Security Surveillance solution. The end devices in the kind of Analogue or IP CCTV cameras are the area image capturing devices that kind of back-bone of surveillance systems. Smartbiz offers a widest range of ANAGLOG, Turbo HD and IP based different Mega pixel cameras, DVR’s and NVR to suit your requirements. Once the system is in area the stream of signal designed by cameras is processed utilizing Video Analytics code that runs on high performance servers situated at the central command. This also facilitates the automatic real time period detection of threats. Smartbiz, we have been performed major CCTV Security Surveillance Projects for Smartcity, State Government Establishments, Industries, etc.

  • Salient Features
  • Can capture pictures in daylight and pitch dark conditions.
  • Can be controlled to be monitorised any designated location.
  • Can be integrated with Video Analytics module that includes heuristic intelligence.
  • Capabilities to trace and disclose various threats.