Bulk Sms

In current scenario of mobile revolution, it is very necessary to stay in touch and update the latest technology at all times. Bulk SMS are fastest way for transferring the information among groups to several members, just within a seconds. The on-line Bulk SMS becomes a boon to all the technical savvy people.

Smartbiz contains a host of messaging solutions across numerous delivery platforms, designed to victual to communication desires and needs for an enterprise, over and beyond traditional ways. It provides efficient marketing strategies by utilizing amazing technologies. Bulk SMS is a web based software application. It is used to send multiple SMS in a single click. Our Bulk SMS is a user-friendly and low cost of business promotion tool for retail and enterprise customers. And it is often used for alerts, reminders, marketing.

  • Send Bulk SMS through an web based application by your laptop or computer (Pc),
  • Transparent delivery Report,
  • Easiest way of promoting our products,
  • Delivering data to the correct audience at the correct time. It is one in every of the important aspects of business communication,
  • It takes only few minutes; Bulk SMS so it saves time management,
  • Inexpensive other than means of communication,
  • All the logs, history, replies are well maintained for the future use.
  • Watch your Business development Bulk SMS campaign with your organization Brand. our special Domains are as follows
  • Educational Institutions like schools, colleges, universities.
  • Wholesale and Retail Shops.
  • Real estate like Builders and Land Developers.
  • Individuals
  • Hospitals
  • Shop Owners