RFID has made large inroads in its applications in the Education Sector, the biggest gains acquired through the implementation of RFID will be directly channeled into saved time for existing activities, and a surge of new activities that will benefit each individual sector of application. This technology uses radio waves to identify, monitor, and manage individual objects as they move between physical locations.

Our RFID equipments and Our Software Applications is supported by an advanced Architecture that enables the collection and distribution of accurate information in real time. In today's fast paced world the Parents and the School/Colleges/Universities/Colleges/Universities administration is rather more concerned about the Safety and the Security of the Students which is achieved with the Implementation of the RFID in the Institutions.

Education Sector being one of the biggest sectors contributing a very large number in today's society requires advanced technologies to manage and sustain the growing requirements by the day. Every single Institution is bent upon leveraging the best technology available and to make it available to the student community.

One of the biggest and the greatest advantage of RFID is the Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) and also that it does not require the Line of Sight like in the Barcodes and with the characteristic Anti Collision technology, multiple RFID Tags can be read in the same time without any hassle. Organizations / Institutions can take advantage of these attributes to reduce labour requirements with automatically triggered reads and unattended, high-speed reading processes.

There are many areas of application of the RFID Technology in the education sector, starting from the tracking of the Time (In/Out) of the students as well as the staff members to the Boarding and alighting points of the students in the School/Colleges/Universities bus and managing the directions and creating routes for the School/Colleges/Universities busses. Library can be completely automated with the implementation of RFID.

Smartbiz always advocates that the quality time of the faculty members should be spent in imparting education to the students rather than doing other unproductive activities. Smartbiz implements Custom designed application coupled with RFID for the various application usage in education institutions.

  • Smart ID Campus
  • Mobile Apps
  • Library Management
  • Cashless Payment
  • Time & Attendance
  • Transportation
  • Asset Tracking
  • Smart Sheet
  • Smart Document
  • Hostel & Mess Management