Warehouse and Inventory Management

A Warehouse is a planned building for storage and handling of products and material. Warehouse and Inventory Management In general, warehouses are focal points for product and data information flow between sources of provide and beneficiaries. However, in humanitarian provide supply chains, warehouses vary greatly in terms of their role and their characteristics.

  • Basic Principles of Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Planning arriving receipt procedures.
  • Storage formalities e.g: location management, inventory management, occupational health and safety.
  • Outbound delivery procedures.

Smartbiz Warehouse and Inventory Management solutions suggests pasting or hanging or stitching RFID tags / labels on every cartoon/Box/Sack as its Identity. All the assets in the warehouse can be monitored on real time basis zone wise, rack wise & item wise solutions. Smartbiz has a team of Warehouse and Inventory Management that will suit all your needs, such as:

  • Changes to an existing warehouse.
  • Cost / Profit Studies of various technologies.
  • Facilitate with warehouse analysis.
  • Professional Expert instrumental equipment selection recommendation.
  • Help in provider negotiations to confirm secure the costs are minimised.
  • System Integration and Project Management.
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management process designing and staff training or an entire distribution network design.