Biometric Time And Attendance

Biometric technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals who are in need of Access with Biometric Time and Attendance. The major things are Finger print based and facial based.

Types of Biometrics

Facial recognisation


Access control (Card based )

Biometric Time and Attendence are used for authentication and identification purpose. The alter automate use behavioral activity and physiological characteristics to determine or verify an identity. Tensure safety and security, therefore decrease crime rates. To prevent stealing of possessions that mark the authorised person's identity e.g. security badges, licenses, or properties. To prevent fraudulent acts like faking ID badges or licenses.

Process of Biometric Time and Attendance

In this biometric initial need to install the user enrolment

  • After that the software System installation is finished needed set up for configure systems
  • The attendance logs of the listed ( finger, face or card) employees can directly get hold stored on the cloud through our server side aspect web application, and that we will generate the reports like daily, weekly, monthly, yearly attendance of enrolled employees using our web application.