City Management- Complete Control

Cities all over are reinventing themselves. They are re-imagining essential systems, infrastructure and related services delivery for promoting sustainable economic growth and increased quality of life. City Management- Complete Control solution from Smartbiz will improve integration across functions and facilitate municipalities collaborate in new ways. This permits them to turn challenges into opportunities while building up the strong, differentiating identities that attract new citizens and businesses. By supporting citizen-centered services, Smartbiz City Management- Complete Control changes cities to succeed in their fullest potential to:

  • Capitalize on new insights to create smarter, higher better decisions.
  • Create system-wide efficiencies to try and do a lot of with less.
  • Collaborate in new ways in which to transform work structures and promote innovation.
  • Features of City Management- Complete Control solutions
  • Smartbiz City Management- Complete Control provide to fulfill a wide range of city management needs:

Security Surveillance

  • Cameras & videos with 24 hrs Recording
  • Integrated with command Control Room
  • ANPR & Facial Recognition Cameras for Vechicle & Driver Identification
  • RFID & Bio Metric Based zone Access Control with Integrated Boom Barrier, Flap Barrier & Speakers

Real Time Analytics

  • Control Operations wit Real time Alerts
  • Dashboard view of utilities Management
  • Field Staff connected with command control
  • Generate facial recognition mapping offline reports including GPS Tacking of vehicles (OBD)

Centralized Operations

  • Centralized light Management system (Solar+LED lights) for power saving
  • Water flow management using sensors, information available on mobile
  • Power Management with smart meters Power supply control based on time schedule or custom rules

Scalable Integrated Platform

  • Can be Integrated with existing ERP Systems
  • Our Prosync platform can be connected with all sensors
  • field staff connected with command control
  • Can be integrated with all sensors and can expand with required increase in site operations